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Hold Me Up

Summary: Beth x Cosima, also known as glasses & guns. headcanon that Beth has panic attacks in the middle of the night and Cosima comforts her; later, when Cosima is sick, Beth returns the favor.

Word Count: 1510

Rated: T (for the warnings below)

Content Warnings: panic attacks/anxiety, sickness, blood, emetophobia, mention of death, wow this is a fun fic

A/N: I realize that the panic attack part might not make any sense, especially if you’ve never experienced it or you experience them differently. but I did my best to articulate it, so there you go.

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Back to your regularly scheduled…whatever this is.

Been feeling really under the weather lately, fear I’m fighting off a cold. Super tired, sore, and lethargic…fun times. Thinking about Hell is MUCH more enjoyable XD
I REALLY need to stop expanding prompts beyond what they are…I just really wanted to draw hellhound variations.